My Fear Of Drowning

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Everyone has a greatest fear whether it be from fear of dolls to fear of death. Fear is characterized by a feeling of terror or dread caused by an object that you believe to be harmful. All fears are caused by an event that has happened to someone that traumatizes them for life. A fear is sometimes unovercomable and this may be because to overcome it one must be a certain characteristic. For example, to overcome the fear of ugliness one must lose weight and sometimes acquire surgery. My greatest fear is the idea of drowning and this is a fear of many. I do not have a certain characteristic to acquire before overcoming my fear of drowning except for knowledge of pool etiquette and rules. To understand one’s fear the information about the traumatizing event must be presented. Also when they found out the fear existed and how one overcame, if did, the fear.
Fear of drowning is my greatest fear because when I was eight I drowned in a clear, blue, treacherous pool by the hotel with the dark burgundy-colored brick and cream-colored doors. I remember my cousins laugh whenever someone went the wrong way as they were playing marco polo. I was sitting on the scorching cement by the pool when I decided I wanted to cool down and play with everyone else. I did not have the understanding of what the big, black numbers by the pool meant, all I saw was six and dived in. As soon as I dove in, I felt the lack of air, replaced by water, reaching my lungs as I tried to stand and breathe
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