My Fear Of Math

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My math level before reading this book was a little bit rough. I have always had a hard time doing math in school. Most of the things I had trouble with was the fractions, percents, and word problems. I think this is because of these problems, I have always had a fear of math and wanted to stay away from math. Everything I tried to do to help with these fears either worked for a little while or it just never stuck with me. no matter how hard I tried to succeed in math, I always needed extra help from other people to get me through math. This book was about how to face our fears of math. It gives us different topics and problems about math to try and help us become better in math. The problems in the book are on real life situations which makes it easier for us to see how we use math in our everyday life. The book then goes from talking about simple arithmetic and other areas of math to talking about teaching it. This book gives messages and tells you how to solve your phobia of math with simple strategies that you can do. I would recommend this book to a colleague because I feel this book has helped me to understand math and become better at doing math. It has not changed my whole phobia of math completely, but it has helped me to sharpen my math skills in the areas I struggle with the most. I am hoping that when I recommend this book to another colleague who struggles as much as me or even someone who excels in math, they will also learn new things and help them become
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