My Fiancee At Ford's Theater

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My Fiancee and I had just entered the Ford’s Theater that evening. The exterior design of the theater was made of bricks and painted white. The interior was filled with seats and a large stage that stretched from one side of the wall to another. I have came to the theater many times but this was the first time I had brought my fiancee to come with me. I think she came to the theater with me because rumors say that the president was also coming. My fiancee has asked me “ James, don't you think this is a lovely theater?” and I had responded “yes Clara, thats what I taught when I first say the theater.” My fiancee and I were sitting right infant of the stage and then suddenly, I see a tall, bearded man walk in with a full crowd around him.…show more content…
I felt like that was just all a dream and that after it was over, I just woke and see my Clara right next me. I knew that I couldn't fool myself so I just left with Clara’s body and took her home. There was no use, I had accept the fact that she is dead. Her relatives had gotten the news and we buried her body the very next day, April 15, 1865. All her relatives asked me what happened but the only thing I could say was that she died of shock but did not answer the reason of what made her die of shock because my heart felt to painful to relive that moment. As the day progressed, I began to hear people talk about how Lincoln had died the same day Clara had been buried. I felt that the theater’s beauty had faded away from my life and was filled with sadness and pain. I felt like it was my fault that Clara died; if I told her to watch the the play instead of looking at the president being killed, my Clara would still be alive. If I had never brought her there, she would still been alive. It was all my fault, I couldn't stop the murderer or save my love. I made up my mind that I was never going to go back Ford’s Theater ever again because I could not relive the grief and
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