My Field Experiences At The International Newcomer Academy Essay

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As I entered the doors of International Newcomers Academy (INA) for the first time, I can remember how nervous I felt. I could not help but feel unprepared and I could not fathom how I could possibly be any help to a student when we did not even speak the same language. However as quickly as my field experiences began I could feel my perceptions changing. The experiences I had at INA have left their mark on me and I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to complete my field experiences at the International Newcomer Academy.
One aspect of INA is the ingenious teaching approaches. Effective teaching requires a multifaceted approach, this includes utilizing Jensen’s seven critical factors. These factors include engagement, repetition. input quantity, coherence, timing, error correction and emotional states. Each factor is distinct in its function and implantation. There are numerous benefits to incorporating these seven critical factors into lessons such as engagement will induce focus and gain the student’s attention, repetition will enable the students to preview, review, and revise the information, input quantity limits the amount of information resulting in a deeper understanding, coherence builds off the student’s personal experiences and prior knowledge, timing provides for activity shifts and best suitable scheduling, error correction reinforces the lesson through quality feedback, and emotional states evokes fundamental emotions to initiate self-reliance and
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