My Final Culture Project : Puerto Rico

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For my final culture project, I decided to take a trip to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States, therefore, passports are not needed when traveling to and from the island. It is located in the northeastern Caribbean Sea and sits east of the Dominican Republic and West if the U.S. Virgin Islands. Spanish is the primary language in Puerto Rico, however, most Puerto Ricans almost speak English. These two languages are both official languages of Puerto Rico. In fact, Puerto Rico actually translates into Rich Port in English and has a population of 3,674,209. It is also home to one of the longest zip lines in the world, La Bestia. It allows the rider to soar in the air over 4,745 feet of terrain. The 2.5km cable also enables the rider to reach a speed up to 93.20 miles per hour. Therefore, I chose Puerto Rico to embark on a new exciting adventure. According to Delta Airlines, the airfare from Charlotte Douglas International Airport to Luis Munoz International Airport, round trip, will cost approximately $1,232. This includes first class seating, premium entertainment, personalized service, primary check-in, and premium food & drink. I will leave for departure on Oct. 9th 2017 and return on Oct. 15th 2017. I chose a six-day trip to visit tourists sites, enjoys the beaches, and explore the island. The flight will take approximately 5 hours. I am set to depart at 9:30am on a connected flight and arrive at Hartsfield–Jackson
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