My Final Day At College

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The bell rang and that concluded my final day at college. I went to Stanford University with my friend Thomas White. Thomas and I were practically together for our whole life, we were even born in the same hospital on the same day. We were inseparable and did everything together. When we finished our years at college we decided to go travel. We had always dreamed of it and now we had a chance. So we bought two one way tickets to Ecuador that left in a week. “Did you pack everything you need?” Thomas asked the morning of our flight. “I can 't find my toothbrush, but I can buy one at the airport.” I replied, “ Hurry, let 's go.” We left and drove thirty minutes, practically bouncing in our seats with excitement. When we finally arrived, Thomas parked the car, we unloaded our 50 pound bags, practically ran through security, and barely caught our flight. The next eight hours consisted of eating overly salted peanuts, reading the skymall magazines, and falling asleep after 30 minutes. We awoke to finds ourselves landing at General Rivadeneira Airport in Tachina, Ecuador. Seeing that our belongings were spread out among the area, we frantically gathered them and exited the plane. It was so wonderful to finally be here. The first thing we did was my childhood dream, skydiving. Not two hours after we landed we were back up in the sky. Since neither Thomas nor I had ever been skydiving, we had to jump attached to an expert. It was
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