My Final Grades From The Past Two Semesters

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What you see before you are my final grades from the past two semesters. While I know you 're concerned with the letters and numbers, rest assure that these are about as insightful as an Instagram photo. My first semester of freshman year, for the most part, went by without much of a hiccup. I was able to coast by with the same mindset towards learning I carried in high school, and I finished with a 3.30 GPA. Afterward, my second semester was what lead me to buckle down. I realized that I would need to dedicate my time outside of the classroom to studying and comprehending the material. My classes were going to become harder, each assignment more crucial, and my time more valuable. Thus, about midway through the semester, I was building better habits with studying and learning in general. Keep in mind that at this point; I was still adapting to the routine of a college curriculum. Even though I adopted a serious attitude towards each of my classes, there was still something working against my favor. Looking back now, I realize that I had been enrolled in more credit hours than, perhaps, what I could handle. The increase was only one extra credit hour (16 to 17) which came from a chemistry lab that I needed to take as a science. But, considering that I went from taking all 100 level classes to 200 level classes, including a 300 level class, the extra credit hour was enough to stretch my workload. Plus, we had a lab report due almost every week, which is more than what you

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