My Final Performance Of The Artist

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The artist’s that I focused on for my final performance on is Marina Abramovic and Alex Schweder. The movement that I focused on for my final performance was happenings. I took elements from all three works and combined them in to create my own performance. Influences from Marina Abramovic came from her performance The Artist is Present, where she shared a period of silence with each stranger who sat in front of her, in the MoMA. She remained calm and peaceful most of the time. I was really drawn to the element if intimacy present in this work and how she spent the time with each stranger. I thought a one on one performance would be perfect beginning for an idea relating to dentistry because a trip to the dentist is a one on one experience. As someone who had never performed, I thought it would be more comforting to interact with an individual than as a whole. I had also looked into other works of Abramovics to see if they too had an intimate setting with the audience, not just Ulay. 512 Hours was a performance where she removed senses from the audience like, sound and hearing. This requires trust out of the audience which made me think about how I am going to gain the trust of the person I encounter. I the participant them to trust me as a mirror image of themselves and as someone to inform them on the proper brushing techniques. I collaborated the ideas produced through looking at Marina’s work with ideas from Alex Schweder, a stamps lecture guest. Alex Schweder…

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