My First 12 Step Meeting

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For posterity’s sake, I tried to recall my first 12-step meeting and have concluded that it was most likely the year 1996, it was cold in the little town of Altoona. The clubhouse was strange, dark, smelled of coffee, and full of smoke there, the people were all so different, but all of them seemed to know some secret code, plus they seemed to talk as if reading bumper-stickers. As I “kept coming back,” I began to feel more comfortable, understand what was going on, and want what these people had. People at these meetings were open, appeared comfortable in their own skins, and had such, dramatic, fascinating stories that were dark, yet somehow uplifting. Since that time, I have been to a plethora of various types of meetings at various locations, but there is a theme throughout of trust, and a bond of acceptance that makes one feel welcome wherever one goes to a meeting. Therefore, I had a plan to go to Allentown with my fiancée to an NA meeting he used to go to on Saturday night, however, as things sometimes happens, this did not go as planned. Not to worry, I have learned long ago that alternative meetings can work just as well, or better. In fact, for all the meetings I have attended, I have never regretted going, or not gotten something out of it. Ending up going to one of my favorite meeting places, all worked out for the best, as I felt it would. The Sunday Morning Speakers Group D-33 at the Muhlenberg Recreation Center on River Road starts at 11:00 a.m.,…
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