My First Acting Assignment ( 2014 )

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During my first acting assignment (2014) as a Correspondence and Briefing Officer, a new version of the online Community Profiles application was rolled out. I was tasked with annotating the user guide for the new version in order to speed up and ease the process of updating a community profile and editing it for approval. I had to analyze numerous versions of these profiles prior to and post editing in order to provide recommendations in the form of annotations to the user guide. During my 2015-2016 acting assignment in the same position, in order to support the programs in their efforts to provide high quality response letters on behalf of the Minister or prepare briefing and scenario notes for the Minister or DM, I research the topics…show more content…
As sources for the research I would use the website and focus on the following sections: • Newsroom/News Releases/Media Advisories/Speeches/Statements • Publications/Libraries/Statistics and Data • Departmental social media accounts Additional sources of information for research are GCPedia, Canada Gazette, Parliament of Canada website. In research, it is important to use reliable sources of information as well as to verify facts and details. As part of the Strengthening Regional Administration Project I participated in the ATIP working group (2014-2015). Over a number of months the team met to determine the expected outcome and come up with a plan to gather information, analyze the information, identify areas for improvement and come up with recommendations for changes and possible solutions (we used a SIPOC diagram as a tool to evaluate this). As a member of the team I participated in evaluating the current process, determining the questions for the interviews of the key participants at the administration support level, scheduling the interviews and recording the gathered information. As a team, we analyzed and discussed the findings to identify the key areas for improvement and to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of key participants at each stage of the process. Based on our team’s findings, the Region’s best practices, the requirements of the process and the expected outcome for a consistent and complete, we
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