My First Aid Kits - Original Writing

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I rounded corners against the wet wind, squinting my eyes to avoid looking at our unnatural world. My fists pounded against multiple shop doors, the lighting out in all of them. A pharmacy was found after racing down three streets, the lights flickered and doors were shut. I kicked through the doors, my foot jammed between the electronic passages until it finally gave. “Don’t leave it open! You’re insane, shut the door!” The worker was on the floor behind the register and crawled out to scream at me. “I have an emergency, where are your first aid kits?” “We all have an emergency. We need the supplies, too. Leave.” He spat. “You have ample and I have children who need them, where are they?” “Get out of the store!” He screamed. An…show more content…
The door was still open, and I ran to barricade it with a nearby movable shelf. “The kits are in the back corner, the medical center.” The man was on his side, watching me with wide eyes. “Thank you.” I grinned. Scouring the aisles, I picked up a medium fabric bag before heading to the medical station and filling it with half of the store’s content. Theft wasn’t on my conscious given that a part of our city was in danger. Laws wouldn’t exist if our world didn’t. Gauze, ointment, pain killers, bandages, and other supplies filled half the bag. After that, I went to the food and water isles, where I grabbed multiple nonperishable food items. I stuffed my bag until it overflowed. My hand shoved my knife into the belt on my waist and two six-packs of water made their way into my hands. In the dark, I saw a worker sticking a flashlight into my belt. A tall blonde girl gestured to where I fought the animal, and back to me. She knew about them. She made her way to the entrance and removed the door blockade. She nodded for me to go. “Thank you.” I spoke. “Take care of things.” She told me. I returned down three more streets, looking for the building location that I had already forgotten the place. I saw Alex in the street before I heard him. He dashed into the building after seeing me. I placed the drinks in front of the rescued group. A teenage boy with
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