My First And The Last Child Of My Parents

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I entered this world on November 6th, 1994, as both the first and the last child of my parents. I grew up in a small private community, where many of the elderly came to hang up their bags and retire. Children were few and far in-between. I often spent time with my parents instead of others my age. I grew a strong bond with my parents, but my social ties never fully formed. I sat in the back corner of the classroom. The few feet that separated me from my classmates seemingly stretched for miles. The loud rumblings of conversation echoing throughout the room surrounded me, words being muffled into incoherent gibberish by my own social insecurities. I was alone, class after class and day after day. It`s not so much that I didn’t have the ability to speak or talk to people, but I was so afraid of doing the wrong thing or getting a bad response. Every step, every word, and every action I made, I was excessively self-critical about. I believed that if I didn`t do everything perfectly, someone would point it out and make fun of me or chastise me for being the “weird” only child. Adversely, I would also become upset over actions or words that I wished I had done or said. No matter what I did or didn’t do, I was never happy with myself.
Despite how it sounds, my days throughout high school were not exactly terrible or dreadful, they were simply “gray” to me. They lacked the quality with which comes the ability to say “You know what? I had a good day today.” I made a few close
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