My First Attempt At Redemptive Accomplishment

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It is Not an Accomplishment if it is Not Challenging
The most appreciated accomplishments in life; come from struggle. As a teenager, I failed to complete college. My failure was not a lack of intellect; rather it was a lack of discipline and commitment. A decade and a half later, I have grown to appreciate the value of putting in effort. Southern New Hampshire University’s English Composition course is my first attempt at redemptive accomplishment.
When I began this writing course, I was asked what I hoped to accomplish. I even wrote a reflective essay as a journal entry on the topic. Looking back at the essay and reading it again, I am struck by how much I have learned in such a brief time span. My initial concerns were surrounded in a perceived fear of academia. I was insecure in my ability to convey thoughts in a structured academic format. I still take time to consider these concerns. However, this course boosted my confidence in my ability to learn to write academically, and effectively.
The hardest part of the writing course involved the narrative essay. I did not suffer from a lack of inspiration. In fact, I believe I chose a topic that deeply inspired me. I wrote a long winded essay that exceeded the course rubric by almost triple. The first part seemed simple enough. I wrote a thesis and a journal entry. The feedback from the discussion boards truly helped inspire my writing to improve. After that, I wrote the essay and submitted it. My biggest
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