My First Birthday - Original Writing

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It was just a couple months past my 6th birthday when I started to realize a separation within my house. Coming home every day from school and waiting for 4 o’ clock to come around so I could see my dad walk in the door for dinner, or a quick game of tag with the neighborhood. Dad was still coming home but something was different. Then I started to notice that dad and mommy weren’t sleeping in the same bed which struck me as odd. I was getting suspicious about was going on, so decided to talk to my older sister. We talked about how weird it was when mommy and dad were around each other. As weeks grew on we noticed more of the details, like mommy’s closet starting to grow bare and how there were boxes lined up in the extra basement room. They thought we didn’t notice, but we did. They finally sat my sister and me down to explain what was happening, but reassured us that everything was going to be fine.
The fact that mommy and dad aren’t living together set in the first weekend we spent alone with dad at his new apartment. It was on the second floor and from my room I could see the pool, which is pretty awesome. I startled everyone when I woke up in the middle of the night crying for my mommy and realizing she wasn’t there. I saw the hall light flicker on and heard the footsteps as they walked across the tile floor. The door creaked open and I saw my dad stand in the door way asking what was wrong. I told him I missed mommy and wanted to go home. It was really dark outside…
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