My First Birthday - Original Writing

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It was my tenth birthday. I woke up that day overly excited for my age to finally be in the “double digits.” I didn’t know that birthday would be one I’d never forget and turn out to be a day that changed my life forever. I come from your regular, working class family. My parents have been together since they were teenagers and they had two kids, myself and my younger brother, Taylor. My parents did (and still do) everything possible to make sure my brother and I were happy. I was also lucky enough to have my dad’s mother, my grandmother, who would also do anything to make sure we were happy.

I remember being at my grandma’s house as a child and watching her make us breakfast, sitting in the poor lit kitchen, around a country-style table. I can still remember the sound of her voice, the way her house smelled, the way she smelled and how it felt to hug her. I was never called by my name, she only referred to me as “her baby.” Which I was, there was no question about it. My grandma had four children including my dad. Of her four children, she ended up with seven grandchildren. My brother and I being the youngest, we were the apples of her eye. She was a Kentucky grown woman with Kentucky blood. She smoked cigarettes the entire time I knew her, even when she was wearing oxygen.

The day of my tenth birthday, my mom told me I could do whatever it was I wanted. I chose to go see the new Adam Sandler movie playing at the local $1 theater in town. Afterwards, we spent the day…
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