My First Books Were the Heroes of Olympus Series Essay

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Do you remember that first series of books you got into? Well mine was The Heroes of Olympus series. The books are written by the author Rick Riordan. The most recent book I’ve read was “The Son of Neptune”, the genre is fantasy and it’s about Greek and Roman mythology. The setting is the western coast of North America, in modern times. Percy, Frank, and Hazel are the three main characters in this story; they go through a lot to show us the main theme, sacrifice. After sleeping for months Percy awoke running, he was running away from two gorgons, Stheno and Euryal. He had to sliced them up countless times with his blade, riptide, but somehow they seemed to keep reappearing out of their ashes. He had no other choice but to run, because…show more content…
However, his life depended on a stick, and if it burned out so would his life. In Alaska there was a big fight trying to save Thanatos. They eventual freed Thanatos from the giant, Alycyoneus. They hurry on their way home riding Arion, a horse that galloped so fast it broke the sound barrio and the speed of light. As they get to the aid of Camp Jupiter, they see they are on the verge of losing, but with the help of Percy’s brother who seemed to find him and his dog they gave the camp some hope and the courage to defeat the army. In the end Camp Jupiter ended in triumph, and Percy’s friends were on their way. Frank Zhang was one who without a doubt had to make sacrifice. Frank was the son of Mars, and descendant of Neptune. Being the son of Mars he was very skillful at hand to hand combat, also his tactics and evasion skills were on a different level than the normal. His ancestor was the son of Neptune, and being that Neptune gave their family a secret gift, passed down from generation to generation until it finally got to frank. So being the descendent from two gods he had some unbelievable power, but with so much power comes a toll. When frank was a baby Juno went to his house, she told his mother that since Frank would grow up to be so strong he had a week spot. She pointed to a stick in the fireplace and said, “When that stick burns
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