My First Car - Original Writing

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Marco Soliman
Mrs. Johnston
Senior Capstone 5B
20 November 1997
Vinyl wrap
My name is Marco Soliman. I’m 18, Egyptian citizen, and I have been in the U.S. for five years. I started liking cars and wanted to know more about them, when I started high school. I started to want to own a car to modify it. I got my first car on my 15th birthday. I was so happy suddenly, a lot of ideas popped in my head on what I want to do to the car. I’m a car fan, I started to like cars a lot that it became, “my favorite thing in life.” Which a lot of people think, that it’s stupid and just a ride. According to “car people” who I’m one of them, a car is not car if it’s stock. Racing and working on cars became my habit. I joined Antioch High School, Automotive Tech. program in 2013, 11th grade. In my Maintains/light Repair class, I mastered working on cars for three years, with the help of my teacher Muhlstadt. I mastered the car repairing, electric, and alignment. One day as I walk out of school heading to my car, and as I got closer there was a big scratch on my front bumper, didn’t feel right at all that time, but I got down to it and started to research for ways to fix the paint, I chose the vinyl wrapping because it was the cheapest. I wrapped the whole bumper and it looked good, and I thought of why I didn’t have that before it would have protected my paint from that day. I had the idea of adding a aluminum layer on the bottom of the vinyl sticker. Adding vinyl wraps to your car will…

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