Essay about My First Chat Room Experience

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My First Chat Room Experience Perhaps some of the most amusing sites to visit on the Internet are the online communities. Given this topic, I was forced, although it was inevitable experience hardly avoidable, to do some self exploration by entering the intriguing world of chat communities. Communities designed for talk, friendship, romance, entertainment, education, support, or even pleasure. With the variety of topics I had the opportunity to explore, I was exposed to all of these options. Initially, my first experience was frustrating and awkward. However, as I became more familiar with the sites, I was able to navigate around quicker and acquire helpful information and resources. In essence, entering the online community world has…show more content…
The nameless nature of the experience avoids judgment, discrimination, and all bias. Further, it allows for not only self exploration but the truthful investigation of different people and personalities throughout the world. Since it was a personal choice as to what topic we would like to explore in the communities, I chose a topic which I was not only interested in, but one which I could gain, as well as, offer helpful insight into. This motivation first led me to research the subject of butterflies. People may wonder, why research an online community focusing on butterflies? Well actually it is quite simple. Basically, I have always been and always will be intrigued by these fascinating creatures. Moreover, I have often wondered if others share in my interest and concern over their diminishing populations due to human exploitation. In essence, curiosity was the main motivating factor behind my choice. Although there is hardly a lack of butterfly websites, I was surprised and truly disappointed to discover the lack of any existing butterfly chat rooms. Even after extensive research, specifically, visiting each site and searching for chat rooms, I still had no success. While this discovery was discouraging, I chose to continue with another topic of interest to me. This led me to search for Los Angeles Lakers chat rooms. Being one of the millions of fans, I wrongfully assumed that I would have no trouble locating a chat
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