My First Chief Right Out Of Boot Camp

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Leadership Philosophy Perez I have long observed many leaders in my time since enlisting in the Coast Guard from an early age. I have seen the good leadership styles and the bad. Each observation is equally important as it helped build my foundation and principles for which I choose to lead. Leadership to me is the simple fact of establishing guiding principles for others to follow. If done correctly each individual that is affected by my leadership should have a positive experience. I have had many great leaders in my career that have had a great influence on me. My first Chief right out of boot camp was probably the most influential person in my mind that has had a positive impact on my career. Some might have found him slightly…show more content…
This is important because thinking I am making the right decision that will affect them in a positive way but yet it could potentially not be the case. One has to interact with their people and fully understand how it will affect every one of them. This is probably one of the most important factors as a leader because if you’re not making the right decisions for those around you than you will lose them. We have all probably heard the term micro manager at some time in our life. I have worked for a few and I can tell you that it doesn’t make things easy to complete projects or be successful. Being a leader is setting a standard for others to follow. How they get to that standard is based upon the techniques that they are comfortable with. Leadership is about mentoring and allowing each individual to succeed in their own way. One important factor for a leader not to do is give a person a task and then tell them how to do it. Let them choose the path to take and guide them along the way. By giving them the freedom to choose, they will produce a better product and probably learn something along the way. I have found myself several times tasking my members and directing them how to conduct the task. What value are they learning by me directing them how to conduct themselves or perform a procedure. A leader should always know how to empower those around them. If a sailor is doing the bare minimum than one must ask themselves what am I doing that may not be motivating this
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