My First Class Is Not A Decision That I Have Taken

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Returning to college to finish my degree is not a decision that I have taken lightly. When the opportunity arose, I took a look at the big picture before deciding on classes in which I would enroll. It had been ten years since I had attended a college class. Even though I was excited for some of the technical classes afforded in my degree path, I also knew that strengthening my overall academic foundation would play a much more important role; this is why I chose to take WRTG 101 as my first class returning to school. I began WRTG 101 with unrefined writing skills; now I can properly apply the writing process, construct unified and well supported paragraphs, demonstrate accurate grammar and mechanics, and properly analyze and integrate valid sources using an accepted documentation style. Approaching the initial writing assignment was difficult for me because it had been so long since I had utilized and applied the writing process. Writing for Success played a very important role in refreshing the writing process for me, and Chapter 1 set the stage for reestablishing my use of the writing process. It felt infinitely easier to prewrite and revise for the contrast essay than it did for the autobiography. Although the week one prewriting exercise helped ease me back into the prewriting methods, it was not until the second essay that I found a prewriting style that worked for me; I actually went back to Chapter 8 in Writing for Success to review different styles.
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