My First Class Luc Elbowed Keen On The Side

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Walking toward their first class Luc elbowed Keen in the side. “Look, Shaylin is waiting for you.” Keen told the others, “Go on ahead, I’ll meet up with you in class”, and he walked toward Shaylin with a determined stride. “Hi, we need to talk.” Keen could perceive that although she was smiling she was not happy. “Yes, we should talk, but not here.” Keen took her hand and lead her around the corner behind the buildings. Keen turned to face Shaylin, “I must understand how you perceive me.” Shaylin’s voice was soft as she replied. “Does it truly matter? My Father told me that with your Father being the leader he has the ability to comprehend if we are Vampire and Servant, or Vampire and Mate furthermore, once he declares our connection, it is final.” Keen glanced down at the ground he knew she was right; however the thought of having your choice taken away didn’t sit well. “Keen, how do you perceive me?” Keen gazed into her eyes an additional time with a determination for that special connection, he wanted to feel his heart skip a beat nevertheless, he felt only the elation for infatuation and his blood sang of security. “This is so confusing, I feel both security and elation in my blood; however I don’t feel my heart skip a beat. I asked my Father what would happen if I reject my Mate should it turn out that you are my Servant.” Shaylin felt a tear run down her cheek. “Keen, could you honestly reject your Mate? The stories that are told of the love between a Vampire and his

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