My First Class - Original Writing

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and said something to me and not knowing how to respond I just handed him the paper I got from the office. He then shook my hand and directed me to my first class.

Continuing on Monday, January 12, 2009, my first class in America. I walked into my first class, and it felt like the whole paused to look at me. For a second the teacher didn’t notice me walking in, she saw the student look at the door, and she approached me with the most welcoming face. The whole time the man that approached me and the teacher talking about me, the student were just looking at me. She direct me to a desk on the first row in front her, I noticed the students staring at me and whispering. The whole day in school day in school I felt like an outsider, and no word came out of my mouth not even in my language. Every class I walked into the rest of the week, it felt like a replay. Still students are looking at me, still not able to communicate with anyone.

Summer of 2009, the time when I learned English. In a home where little or no one in the house spoke the English language, it was difficult to learn. I remember two weeks in school when moved here; I started picking up the language. I was to do anything to learn English and actually to learn what students in my age are learning in school now. My parent never gave us a break from studying, during the school days I remember after getting out of school my dad dropping us off at the library. During the weekends, me and my siblings were at the…

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