My First Clinical Day At Loma Linda Veterans Affairs Medical Center

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For my third clinical day at Loma Linda Veterans Affairs Medical Center, my assigned preceptor Filipina Gumangan assigned me one patient on 4NW. The specific portion of the unit where I precept is an intensive care step down unit. Filipina’s objective for giving me one patient this shift was to give me an opportunity to practice complete care; this meant I was responsible for many clinical duties corresponding to the care of this patient. My patient this shift was Ms. R. She was a 66 year-old Vietnam War veteran recovering from general surgery. Caring for this patient showed me a different perspective of nursing as well. My clinical duties performed that day involved practicing many of the skills I have learned throughout this nursing program. Initially, I was responsible for getting a good hand off report during our walking rounds that morning. I utilized the method Filipina had showed me during our first shift together. I went according to systems and this way I began to create a picture of Ms. R condition. She was there because she had a partial colectomy. During this procedure, the surgeons removed parts of her large intestine due to her history of bowel obstruction. She had an ostomy, which required that I put special care towards the newly created stoma. I was responsible for a full head-to-toe assessment. In addition, I was responsible for recording my findings on her chart in the computerized system. I passed her medications and was responsible for explaining what

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