My First Collegiate Academic Goal

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My first collegiate academic goal is: I will earn at least an 80 percent on my first biology and statistics exams. Being that I truly love both math and science, receiving superb grades on my first exam for these two are extremely important to me because they are hand-and-hand at placing for the second hardest classes thus far in college (in my personal opinion). Achieving this enabling goal would motivate me to strive for higher grades in the near future, helping me believe that I could do much better in order to attain a great GPA, so that I could get into medical school after receiving my undergraduate degree. Practicing my study habits will construct the permanent foundation of how I progress as a college student. How will I do so? The first action step that will be made to reach this goal is to sit in the front of the classroom. I get easily distracted, so sitting in the front of the classroom, especially one with 254 students, will not only decrease the chances of me getting distracted, but will ensure that the information has properly been withheld. Also, recording lectures to review later and rewriting notes are great methods that will definitely be beneficial to me when studying for exams. Next, if there is not enough time to meet up with the professor, I will sign up for various tutoring/office-hour sessions to review homework and basic concepts that are needed to pass the exams with a guaranteed good grade. On this journey called life, I continue to learn more and
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