My First Computer

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Running Head: My First Computer My First Computer Robert Fehn Park University Introduction to Computer CS140 03 May 2005 My First Computer Introduction I began working with computers about 3 years ago. Needless to say it was a shocking experience sitting in front of a picture tube and not knowing how it worked or where to begin. I began by hitting buttons and asking question at the same time. The first computer that I bought was a new Packard Bell 486 with windows 3.1 and a Cannon bubble jet. It was more troublesome to use and I was not computer literate and I had no ideal what I had but I had a computer in my home. I was asked prior to buying the computer what I wanted put on it my answer was whatever it comes with and I…show more content…
Little by little I learned more and more about computers to where I could kind of get around on it and do little things that did not require much knowledge. I could do accountability sheets; sign in rosters and trivial things such as that nothing to complicated I did not want to fool myself into believing that I was a pro or anything like that. Type of Institution While in the Army about the year 2000 I started working in the S-3 office and my duties were to put soldiers in school I had to put together charts that showed school date who was eligible pass fail or dropped for what ever reason when the next one occurred this is when I started working with excel more than any other program it seemed to be easy but it was not all people kept telling me was cut and paste let me see it before you put it out for public viewing so that is what I did when people started seeing what I was doing and how long it was taking they started doing things themselves then come to me and ask why I did not do it that way and I would tell them that I did not know to do it that way and for them to show me I was easy to train and willing to learn all I could about how they did what they did. Once I got the hang of it I was off and running until I ran into another snag that would set me back on my heels. It has taken a long time for me to be able to sit comfortably in front of a computer and not feel unsure about what to do or how to do it. I have
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