My First Concert Of Symphonic Music

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The first question I asked myself at the beginning of the semester was how much do I actually know about symphonic music? I have always characterized symphonic music as a lengthy form of musical composition for orchestra that is all tuxedos and formality. My impression on the basis of the symphonic music has always been portrayed with that specific formality aspect where there wasn’t a complete understanding towards symphonic music. When attending my first concert of symphonic music last year to listen to my roommate play made a change that I never thought possible. I never thought that I would grow into liking that kind of music that the Delaware Valley University students were playing on that particular day turning my interest in music. One particular group that rather quickly grabs my attention each time I go to listen is the symphonic band. Having a rather peaceful use of instruments when playing that draws your attention directly into that performance led by the conductor Dr.Jack Schemidt. These spectacular performances given from the school band take place in the Life Science Building Auditorium at Delaware Valley University typically Sunday afternoons. At each of these free events for people throughout the community and the campus to attend there are several groups that play throughout the concert. Starting off the concerts typically is that of the symphonic band playing classical and modern pieces. One specific piece I found rather toe tapping is “An American…
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