My First Concert - Original Writing

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When an individual asks “What was a moment that has changed you forever”, it can be extremely difficult to answer. Such a broad question brings up many notable moments from an already large selection. If I could pick one that makes me smile every time I look back onto it. It would be the first concert I ever went to. It was not only my first time hearing my favorite band live, but it was also my first time listening to live music. On top of the already intense experience, I had learned something very important that day. Through the generosity of a very kind woman, I was able to experience my very first concert. I learned that Generosity pushes beyond simple gestures and acts of kindness. It can leave a lasting impression on any person, changing them for the better. Since then, reflecting on all the moments that still bring many laughs and memories I made that day only assured me that I would remember it forever. Fatefully, on a Friday night, the day before the concert, I was currently on the computer at my house. I received a text around seven o’clock at night. One of my friends had texted me, saying that they were outside my house. As I went to the door, I saw that my friend, along with five other people I knew were standing there. “Want to go to a concert tomorrow? Alt-J is playing” one of them said as they came inside my house. At first I was confused and caught off guard a little. Perplexed at the situation, I still said yes. However, this concert…

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