My First Day As A Teacher

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The night before my first day as a teacher I was scared. It was something totally different for me; it was something I had never done before. Yes, I have made some microteachings at the university, but that was not the same as been in an actual classroom with kids observing you and waiting for you to teach them something. In my head, there were questions such as What am I going to do? What should I tell to the kids? Is this how it is supposed to be done? The next morning, I get up and prepare myself for my first class. Surprisingly, it went pretty good. Although I assumed that there were some things in which I needed to work on, in general, I used to think that I did a good job. Now, almost two years later and after spending this semester…show more content…
This is something that happens to me: in my life as a student I am very quiet, observer, and introverted; in the other side, as a teacher I like to sing songs to my students (kindergartens), dance with them and, if possible, use some fun activities. Teachers’ beliefs influenced different tasks such as: selecting and presenting learning activities, preparing students for new language and checking their understanding, monitoring students’ learning, giving feedback, among others (Richards & Lockhart, 1994). I agree completely with this perception, because it is something that I have noticed since this course started: in the videos of my classmates, in the classes of my teachers, and in my own classes. Related to this, another topic seen during this semester was about the lesson plans as means of reflection. It was something very useful that never crossed my mind: writing some notes or observations about the class after it ended can be very helpful to discover things that otherwise may go unnoticed and at the end, it can help us to avoid doing the same mistakes over and over. I found this tool useful and important to my practice because it helped me to realize some situations that can present in a class and also it encouraged me to reflect on how can I solve those issues and avoid them to occur
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