My First Day At High School

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Lucas Millen

Professor Kara Roche

English 101

23 October, 2015 Two and a half years

Dark, alone, and scared. This is what I felt my first day in high school. I went from a catholic middle school knowing everyone and their family to a public high school knowing no one. A once popular kid was now an awkward boy wondering around like a lost lamb in a huge school with not one friend. I went on for two in a half years like this before I realized I needed to change, break from my shell, and make friends. Who would of thought that decision would be life changing for me. Deciding to be who I truly am opened doors and created lifelong friends. It’s 6am on the first day of school. I dreadfully dragged myself out of bed to check the weather before I got dressed. As my eyes adjust to the painfully bright sun gleaming through my windows, it hits me that I’m about to go to a public high school where I can dress how id like, very different from my catholic school uniform days. I had no idea how kids my aged dressed, what was in fashion, or how to not look like a fool. I just threw an outfit together out of my limited supply of clothes that I had which was ocean blue jeans with light streaks in them, a plain hangs grey shirt, and my DC multicolored shoes. After packing my bag and eating a breakfast, coco puffs and toast, my mom drove me to school. I started to see the bright yellow school buses loaded with kids talking to each other and having fun, I could tell by their rosy…

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