My First Day At School Essay

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On the morning of September 1st, 2016, I woke up to my alarm excited and ready for my first day of school. I quickly got dressed and ran down the stairs to get some breakfast. I ate my breakfasts meal, and since there was time to kill before we were allowed to enter school, I pet my dogs and just layed down in my warm, soft blankets. I wish I could bring my dogs and my blankets to school with me, I thought to myself, but I know school is a time for learning, not for sleeping and relaxing. Once it was around 7:25 AM, my dad drove me to school. I met my friends in front of the school by the big tree in the front of the campus, and we talked about how weird it was going to be going to a whole new school with people we knew and people we didn’t know. We also were talking about which teachers we thought we were going to get. We had many other discussions for the rest of the time we had to hang out together. but I can’t remember what they were about.

Quite a few minutes later, the bell that signaled that we could enter school rang, and we all scrambled inside to get in line to get our schedules. I got in line, and waited until I got to the front. Once I did, I said my first and last name to the person and they gave me my schedule. I looked it over, and ran to find my friends so I could see if I had any classes with them. I had some of my them in my classes, but not many. For the remainder of the morning we had to hang out, I wandered around the school, checking things

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