My First Day At School

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Harper woke up full of energy and barely noticed the pain in her sore foot as she wrestled with her clothes under the covers before hopping to the bathroom on her crutches. The other girls in the dorm started to stir as their alarms went off and Harper – who always set her alarm ten minutes earlier than everyone else’s – was pleased that she was first in line for the bathroom. Today was the first day back at school and Harper wasn’t letting anything get in her way. She was always so excited on the first day of term – she was getting a new teacher and got to be a year older all in the same day! Today was extra exciting as the teacher was completely new – and she was British. Harper had only briefly seen her visit the school before the summer break and she knew she liked her because of the way she smiled at Harper when Principal Cooper was giving her a tour of the school. Harper rested her crutches on the wall and ran the hot water tap in the sink of the cold institutional bathroom as she thought about all the exciting things that were going to happen in her day. When she hobbled back to the dorm Harper was surprised to see the Director hovering by her bed. His tall, awkward frame could be seen from the moon such was his inability to camouflage with the local environment. The Director was nicknamed ‘The Funeral Director’ by the boys on the second floor as he only wore dark suits and always stood out like a sore thumb wherever he stood, whatever he did. Saskia and the other

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