My First Day At School

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Anyone of us who has ever attended at school, we will surely never forget the first day at school. For me, I still remembered my first day at school because that is a memorable day in my life. Also, that was a special day because it was the first day that I discover a new environment around me. There are many things I had never known in this new environment, so I felt very nervous because I did not know anything. Furthermore, in my heart, I feel eager to explore the surroundings and excited to get familiar with new friends. In addition, I can learn a lot of new things at school which helped me expand my knowledge. First of all, I still keep in mind the feeling anxiously waiting to the day to go to school was so wonderful. In my head, I felt a little bit hard for me when I went to school because I did not know how to get there, I had no plan, and what will I do in there. For this reason, on that day, I woke up so earlier than normal day. I had a breakfast and wore one nice clothes. After that, I went to school. I studied at a school in downtown, so the time takes me about thirty minutes without traffic jam to get there. At school, I had some nervous because I did not know where to parking lot and how to go to my class. There were a lot of students like me. They and I came to counselor’s room to ask some information about class schedule. The counselor said that “You have one class today and it will start on eight o’clock.” Then, I knew the topic that I will study about

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