My First Day At School

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On the first day of school I woke up at 6:30 a.m. to my alarm clock. I woke up and got dressed, in which I wore dark blue jeans, and a buttoned up shirt which I wore tucked in. I brushed my hair thoroughly and left it down. Then, My Dad drove me to school, and walked me up to the door. We said goodbye, I gave him a kiss, and then I walked not my new adventure. When I walked into the school, I headed to the old gym, in which I went looking for my friend. When I found my friend, Izzy, we hugged each other and jumped up and down out of pure excitement. After we talked for a few moments the bell rang and we headed for the exit. As we passed through the hallway I noticed that the white board in the hallway said to report to your home room…show more content…
Before the bell rang she past out a sheet of paper on reducing fractions, which was our homework due the next day. Then I went to lunch with my friend, Izzy, which we were both ready for and we were the only ones with B lunch. We got into the hot lunch line. I got pears, chocolate milk, and pepperoni pizza. After we were both done with our lunches we headed outside and we looked if there was anyone that we knew. There was there was a boy that we were acquaintances with. We played with him for the recess. I then lined up and went right to the band room and I chose my own seat. Next, Mr. Duso went over the rules and new grading system. It’s now 7th hour, one more class, which is ela with Mr. Grant. I entered the classroom and I chose a seat at a table with some friends. When Mr. Grant came in, he went to each table and asked us our last names. After he finished with our names we started a get-to-know-you paper. After he gave us time to work on it on our own time, he went and found someone who matched ours. Then, the a noise rang. It was the bell. We all made our way out of the classroom. Next, I gathered my backpack, chromebook, and my instrument, and made my way to my friend, Izzy’s, locker who was also downstairs. Izzy and I walked across the grass to where the buses were parked. We walked halfway across the grass, when Izzy left to go to her car, and I continued to the buses. I walked onto the bus in found a seat near some
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