My First Day At The Company's St. Lucia Branch For Two Weeks

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The recently implemented staff exchange program between the local and overseas branch, allowed me the opportunity of travelling to the company’s St. Lucia branch for two weeks. I integrated myself into the organization as a member of staff, as well as, observed various strengths and weaknesses. I arrived in St. Lucia on Sunday, March 13th, 2006 and was booked into the Bay Gardens Hotel where I slept for the next two weeks. Upon my arrival, I was personally greeted by one of the company’s senior staff who then took me to my hotel. My first work day at the company began the very next day, Monday 14th, March; I was given an inaugural tour of Xx-cellent Hardware- St. Lucia. I was then oriented by receiving a tour to the company’s various departments and personnel and met the branch manager, Ms. Cuthdonna Stuart. During the two weeks at the company, I spent at least one full day in each of the company’s various departments and participated in the company’s on-going projects aimed at improving the company’s operations. This gave me the opportunity to employ my skills of working in teams and develop my creativity. First, I was deployed to the Finance department, which directly coordinates with my department at Xx-cellent Hardware’s Grenada branch. I was given the task to examine the branch’s payroll preparation system. Upon completion, I concluded that there were little inefficiencies in the systems and it was optimal for company’s use. The following day I was deployed to the

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