My First Day At The Family Foot Wear Supervisor

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weekly basis to ensure the highest priority training was completed on time. Coached associates on key sales driving initiatives - ICAPs, ECAPs, Customer FIRST and Find More. Played a key role in ensuring the success of sales associates. Implemented programs and policies in the areas of training, compensation structures, benefits packages, incentives and new-hire orientation. Fostered an open-door/teamwork environment. My first day at the family foot wear Supervisor was horrible and here is why the dept. was dirty the stock was not in order the merchandise was missing people didn 't show up for their shift and they had no customer service skills at all. So pretty much I had to redo the department I had to address everything the first day. The first thing I had to do was address the customer service and I let them know how we do things here and in every department and it 's no different for a commission area like family footwear in fact the customer service should be better here because you have to make the sale and the connection to get your money. So we addressed customers service we went through some exercises to improve the level of customer service that is expected. the ones who didn 't get or didn 't want to get it, I sent them back for retraining so it could be on file that they got training on customer first so if they decide to act up which some of them did we would have to take different actions. Then I had to go over standards, the shoe dept. had a different

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