My First Day At The Forest

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Today is my first day in my new house in the forest. My parents decided that it was a great idea to move our perfectly fantastic lives in the city to a deserted place on the forest with no mobile signal or Wi-Fi! They think that we all “need a break from the city” which we absolutely do not! This is outrageous! I am a teenager and I NEED my wifi. I can’t even talk to my friends over the phone. Now I 'm the only 16 year old girl on the face of the earth without internet! And I am NOT happy about it. As I walk around the house aimlessly, searching for mobile signal, mum calls out to me:
“Paige can you please make yourself useful and help carry some boxes inside?” she said with a tired look on her face.
My Dad and my twin sister Clarke both look at me with those eyes that are saying “just do it so mum won’t get angry.” I turn my nose up and roll my eyes but they then take those eyes to a whole new level so I have no choice but to give in and help.
“Ugghhhh, fine,” I moaned.
I pick up a box that says my name on it and carry it inside to my room. “Phew, that was a workout,” I said to myself and flop onto my bed like sloth and lay there starring at the ceiling thinking, “my life is ruined.” I am so tired from carrying that ONE box that I lay on top of my sheets and fall asleep.
I wake up at 12:00 during the day. I yawn, stretch my arms as far as they’ll go, and slowly make my way to the kitchen to find some food for an energy boost. Of what little food there is in the fridge and…

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