My First Day At The United States Army

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“Get off the God Damn bus privates!” Those words were the first sounds I heard as I stepped off that old white bus that day. Today was my first day to becoming a soldier in the United States Army. The date was July 12, 2013. I was only an 18 year old teenager who wanted nothing more in life than to follow in the footsteps of my great grandfather. My great grandfather had raised me and inspired me for this journey I was about to take part in. This was the day I would start basic training. I was feeling more anxious than ever. Don’t even get me started on how nervous I was. I had never been away from home more than a few days, and here I was about to embark on a two month long journey I knew close to nothing about. I can still remember to this day that first day of basic training. When I blinked awake I was in a room filled with bunks that stored occupants. It was 4:30 a.m. and I was exhausted. We were in the reception. Reception was the place where everyone went to get in-processed into basic training and waited for their cycle to start. We all had to be dressed, clean shaven, and have our personal hygiene done by 5:00 a.m. After we finished getting ready, we were all led by the reception NCO to the DFAC for breakfast. They were serving the same thing that morning that they served every day, eggs, bacon, biscuits, gravy, and waffles. As I placed my tray onto the cleaning rack, my knees were shaking, because I knew today was the day I would start basic training. We had…
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