My First Day At University Of Illinois Chicago, At An Investment Firm Christmas Party

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To Insure Promptness My first day as a valet was like no other. I worked a party at University of Illinois Chicago, at an investment firm Christmas party. I walked away $200 cash in my pocket, a free gourmet dinner and was allowed to watch a private performance by Pitbull. It was something I never anticipated, and something that never happened again. I was immediately given an extremely high expectation of a regular day of work. After a year working at the company, I have yet to work another night that fruitful. Cold hard reality has set in. I realized the inconsistency in the service industry really fast. It was incredible. One night I could afford a lobster dinner, the next I would be eating a McDouble. I couldn’t imagine having to…show more content…
At this point, no one in wants to have a career in the service industry and rightfully so, tipped workers are two times more likely to fall into poverty (Allegretto). This fact is extremely alarming and clearly something needs to be done to reduce that rate. As I researched into this topic, two options become clear: either eliminate tips altogether or develop a way to insure everyone walks away with a respectable amount of money in their pocket to go home and feed their family with. When Eliminating tips without an appropriate gratuity already present on the bill, worker motivation and quality of the service is decreased within restaurants (Rodriguez). This is also consistent with my personal experience, valets run a lot slower or don’t even run when no tips are at stake. Therefor most of the attention has gone into determining what goes into a tip. There are hundreds of studies that look at every variable imaginable, from weather to race, to car color. It’s all been analyzed. Yet apparently it’s still a mystery for most. There are still so many questions on what goes into a tip in the service industry. But through personal experience and various studies, it’s easy to conclude that if you want a big tip, customer service is where to look, but there are small factors that can slightly influence the amount of each tip such as gender, race and whether they have previously worked in the service industry. As Mr. Mariani, owner of V.I.P. Valet Services, explains “I

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