My First Day At Work

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Nursing Home
My first day at work was stressful and I was very saddened that I couldn 't do much to help. I was placed to work on the long term care side of the nursing home and was told everyone down this hall is a two-person care. I didn 't expect to see most of them in really bad health and the other C.N.A workers just went about and worked like nothing was wrong, but it was so hard to see people who couldn 't move much and you could tell they were trying so hard to talk and try moving. This eventful day changed my life I thought I wasn 't going to be able to work here until I was washing an old man’s back and he started crying as I stopped, I took a step back and asked if I had hurt him he said “no I’m sorry it’s just no one has every touched my back since my wife had passed” as I realized how important I can make these people I felt it as a privilege to be able to help at them a their most vulnerable point in life. My family, my two jobs, and career goals are the factors that have shaped me into the caring person I am today and has gotten me to where I am today.
My family has always been so supportive and I am lucky to have all my loved ones near me. I always want to please my family in any way possible so as soon as my grandma asked what I wanted to do with my life I explained “I really don’t know” this is when she said she wanted me to be a nurse and take care of her. Since I am already taking care of her by feeding her at certain times and checking her sugar and

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