My First Day I Took A Tour

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When it comes to change, most employee are against it, no matter if it will make our job easier, we are committed to staying the path we were trained to do. As a Director of Operations, my biggest challenge is getting my manager and staff to change and adapt to new situation. So I have personal dissatisfaction with operations refusing to change. On my first day I took a tour with the retiring Director of Operations, and she kept implying the way things are and this is the way that they have always done it. I have to say, I made myself a promise that I wouldn’t say anything or change anything until I officially took over. I had six months to get familiar with the basics of the job, and see how it was done different from the corporate world. When I officially took over, I formatted the things I seen that can be done better and make their job more effective. I had a meeting with the managers to give them a chance to ask any questions or concern before we got started. I then told the managers there are several changes that we need to work on, which included communication, accountability, teamwork, and leadership. I instantly got a reaction from the manager on why they have to change it seems like it works to them and the favorite quote “If it’s not broke don’t fix it” which is the lazy way of saying I don’t any extra responsibility. Next point was made that the director before me keep things the same for 20 years, why should it change and
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