My First Day I Was A Great Day

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Many people can look at me and not really know what I have been through. Women all over have the same struggle as I do and slowly but surely progress is being made. The first day I met him was what I thought was a great day. I was employed, young, and carefree. We had only gotten to know each other over a weeks time, but we were stuck like glue. It was a young love, a new love. After two weeks it went from seeing each other everyday, to me visiting him twice a week, behind a thick glass pane. The jail was a cold and unfriendly place. But I was there through thick and thin. After a year of truly getting to know each other he was back out in the world, with me. At first everything was fun and upbeat, but then I learned I was pregnant. It was no big deal, we planned it. We were expecting and although it was my first, it was his second. My pregnancy was filled with ups and downs. More ups than downs though. Then our baby girl was born. I won the coin toss so I got to name her. Our first babygirl, I know I was proud. Our daughter was eight months old, and that’s when it happened, the first time. We had an argument and I ended up with a black eye, six stitches, and a permanent scar below my left eye, yet I still stayed. Over the course of eight years I received 6 black eyes, 9 busted lips, 3 busted blood vessels in my eyes, a broken nose, scratches, bruises, aches, and pains. But I loved him, and stayed. I stayed for all the wrong reasons. After…
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