My First Day In High School Essay

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At the age 14, I am starting my first day of public school and have to start all over, not just in a new school but a new state. After arriving on the school grounds where I was given the intro to high school, I received my school ID and began to decipher the confusing bugaboo known as a class schedule. Little did I know, that was just the beginning of my obstacles. I moved down from Washington state to Arizona because I wanted a fresh start; I believed it was finally time for me to make the metamorphic change from my isolated home school education to the rigorous social headache known as the public high school. My school was a short ten-minute car ride, and I arrived a little early on the first day of my honors English class in order to be fully prepared when the lesson started. I had my pencil, paper, sticky notes, pens, colored pencils, a pleasure book (a book in case I got bored), and my homework assignment from over the summer. Most of the students, I noticed, knew each other from their past schooling which was intimidating to say the least. As an added discomfort, they were all dressed with what was in style, and I felt like an old grandmother with my flower print skirt, pumps, flowy pink blouse, and straight hair with bangs.
The first day of class was nerve-racking because I knew I would be required to actually converse with my peers- I was not what you would call a “social butterfly.” Suddenly, the teacher strutted up front, dressed professionally with an aura of

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