My First Day In School

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It was that gut-wrenching feeling like there was something stuck in your throat, something itching to come out. It felt as if I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t look anyone in the eye I felt so shameful. Something was weighing so heavily on my tongue and kept appearing in my mind. That thing was the truth. It was an early school morning and I was so excited to get to my first day of school. Just thinking about it made me feel bubbly and smile. Coming back to school and seeing all my friends who I haven’t talked to in two months made my little third-grader self feel so delighted. I ran downstairs to make my daily bowl of cereal for breakfast. As I opened the brown wooden cabinet I reached all the way to the back of the cabinet with confidence…show more content…
My other hand quickly moved up from the side trying to give one last try to save the day. As my hand closed I notice I grasped the cold, unwelcoming air around me and I heard the clink of the bowl hitting the granite table and then the smash of it violently shattering into what seemed like thousands of pieces on the white tiles of the kitchen floor. I quickly jerked my head around checking suspiciously if anyone was hiding behind something secretly watching me break the bowl. The coast was clear. I dropped both my hands down from my failed attempt to catch the now shattered bowl out of defeat not noticing other glasses around them. One more glass fell out of the cupboard almost as if someone wanted to make this day miserable. I saw in slow motion as the glass fell from its high position on the shelf to the white ground now known as the graveyard for all things made of glass. I did not even try to save this glass almost as if I knew I would never succeed. This time the glass clattered onto the ground and broke into large, sharp pieces. Making me scared to even look at the ground and the pile of broken glass. My heart started to race as I realized I only had a few minutes to clean up the huge mess which I created. I could feel the blood rushing to my head and tears welling up in my eyes. My throat felt as if it was swelling up and there was something I was choking on. I stumbled over to pick up the broom quietly listening to see if my Mom was out of the shower.
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