My First Day Of An American School

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Topic: My first day in an American school Specific Purpose: To tell a story about the my experience in the United States school system compare to the Jamaican school system. Thesis Statement: We should appreciate what we have before we lose it because the grass is not always greener on the other side. I.Introduction a.After living in Jamaica for 15 years and 9 months, I went to live with my mother in Central Islip in Long Island New York. It was sad to leave behind all my friends and my old school, but this would be a fresh start to find new friends and to go to a new school. b.I was very excited to start my new school after seeing how cool school seemed on TV. The no school uniform, having lockers, walking out of class when the bell rung even is the teacher is still talking and school buses. School seemed like a dreamland on TV compare to the strict school I was leaving. I. Main point 1 school was just a 6 minute walk for my house so I didn’t get to experience the school bus ride. My little sister who went to school in America all her life, helped me map out how to get to my first three classes on a school map they gave me during registration.when I walked through the big glass doors, my mood went from being excited to nervous. The main hallway was a big circle and you had to walk in one direction during the period changes. I was overwhelmed by the 100s of kids in the hallway. I was use to outdoor open space door back at my old school with

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