My First Day Of Class Essay

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First day of class – Wrote my journal on paper.

After school I have to go to my first tennis lesson of the day. Every day I do two tennis lessons, with my 2 tennis tutor’s Brianna and Haley. I usually do my tennis lessons at Flora. 1 practice my back hand throws. After 1 hour I can take a quick brake, then back to my lesson it is. I’m really happy that I’ve been taking tennis lessons. Next year I’m taking tennis at Senior High School. I love tennis. Tennis is super fun, if you ACTULLY know how to play. My 16-year-old brother also plays tennis. His name Is Gabriel. He is very good at playing tennis, but I’m better. My brother Gabe and I play tennis a lot, together. He plays tennis with my 2 tennis Tutor’s. Brianna and Haley are very nice girls. They’ve been Friends with my Family since they were in Middle school. 10/7/16
I cant wait for Christmas season. I love Christmas. My favorite part of Christmas would probably waking up early and opening presents. I asked for a phone for Christmas. My brother Ethan is coming home for Christmas. Fuzzy socks on my feet, make my feet warm. Christmas coco with minty Candy canes .

In a couple weeks it is Halloween. I love Halloween. My favorite memory from the month of October is when my neighbor wore such a creepy costume and scared the crap out of me. My favorite Halloween candies are Carmel apples and a Cookies and Cream Hershey’s bar. Yum. I like making Carmel Apples with my best
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