My First Day Of Class Introduction Letter Discussion Essay

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A. First Day of Class Introduction Letter Discussion

At the beginning of the semester, I wasn’t sure about my major option. Entering Fresno State as a transfer student, I declared my major as Business Administration with the option of Entrepreneurship. Even though I had declared my option, I was also considering Marketing. The classes in the Entrepreneurship option didn’t excite me as the classes in Marketing did. With that, I changed my option to Marketing. The cover letter assignment also helped me make my decision to change my major option. Because I was still considering Marketing at that time, I had no clue which positions I would like to have in the future. While I researched, the job position for a market research analysist popped up. I read the description and to my surprise, it matched my interest! By completing this assignment, I learned what skills and experience I need to gain. I’m excited for next semester, since I will begin taking Marketing courses.

In my letter, I talked about my high school, which emphasized on presentation and communication skills. I attended Duncan Polytechnical High School. Duncan is known for its Portfolio Day event and career training program. Every year, Duncan hosts a Portfolio Day event where students are dressed in professional interview style attire and present their portfolio to a community member. The community member is a volunteer who could be a local business owner, previous student, etc. They provide constructive feedback

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