My First Day Of Class Essay

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Throughout my academic career I have always struggled with writing whether it is for the English class or any other liberal arts class. In my English classes, I have a tendency to deviate from the given task. This semester I took a FIQWS Composition class which helped me explore the unexplored areas of my academic writing. There were three main essays (literacy narrative, exploratory essay and critical researched analysis) and each improved my writing tremendously. On the first day of class, I was surprised to see the amount of work is expected from me because there were only three major essays and three reflections. I thought the workload would not be so intense because there are only few major assignments. However, as the Semester has progressed, the work required from me was far more complex and demanding than the assignment listing of the syllabus. On the contrary, with each assignment, I viewed writing from a different perspective, incorporating feedback of my professor and applying the contents I learned from the class. My first major assignment was writing a literacy narrative about the things that shaped me as a writer. This assignment was not a difficult task for me because I wrote my college essay on the same topic. My writing is predominantly influenced the fact that I an immigrant from Bangladesh. English is not my first language, rather the third one. I have mastered Bangla literature and language and a decent understanding of Arabic. Moving to the United

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