My First Day Of Class

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When I started Century College this year in the fall of 2015. I was so certain, I was going to just focus on school rather than work. When it was time to pick out courses I wasn’t sure, I knew I didn’t want to talk classes on Friday and Saturday. I then decided to enroll myself into all reading courses, so I joined the New Students and Success 1000.07 course that was conjoined with reading 900.07. I thought choosing this course would be easy and laid back. With the reading course, it made me think we were just going to read a whole bunch of books. For the New Student and Success course I wasn’t sure at all what the course would be about.
First day walking into college with my blinders on. I was only focused on going in and getting out. The thought of earing my credits and having the semester over was something I wanted from the first day of class. Problem was I had so many doubting thoughts in my head about college like, am I really supposed to be here? Or is college for me? Can I even do this? And when we had that talk the second day in Student Success I knew that was a sign. With that on my mind I basically went into full college mood. I focused on school all the time did my homework the day we got it, then went to work and earned money.
Working at Gander Mountain in Forest Lake Minnesota is a blast. Although, when school started I put less focus on work. Even though I told my manager I could work more hours, now that I am not in high school. By telling him that I then
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