My First Day Of Clinical Placement

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On the first day of clinical placement, I had witnessed poor hand hygienic practices in the long term facility amongst one of the personal support workers. This occurred in more than one incident with different clients while performing different client care activities. The event was discussed and reflected upon during the post conference session with the clinical instructor.
The following event involved me, my clinical partner, and the PSW who went over their regular routine involving client care at the facility. During the morning shift, my partner and I had the opportunity to accompany the PSW and observe them providing morning care to their 5 clients. On multiple occasions, the PSW failed to clean their hands and change their gloves throughout between the different types of care being provided such as oral care, peri care, grooming, and changing of bedding. During the incidents that took place my partner and I did not say anything nor did we interfere. We had only exchanged looks to confirm what the PSW was doing was improper. However, we did report our findings and opinions to our clinical instructor. Prior to starting clinical placement, I had expected the healthcare staff, primarily the PSWs to adhere to hygienic practices similar to that of nursing standards. I felt that most the material the PSW was using at the time was contaminated because of touching various things with the soiled gloves. I come from a family that was strict on cleanliness as it was associated…
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