My First Day Of High School

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It can be rather strange when a memory from the past can remain so vivid in our head even after periods of time has passed by. By far my favorite example was the first day of high school. It was day of so many mixed emotions, a day that will remain so clear and fresh in my memory.
My first day was a bright sunny morning, I remember being so anxious I hardly slept. I remember taking an hour picking my first day outfit, I wore a yellow button down flowy shirt, beige skinny jeans, and some sparkly new shoes. My best friend’s older sister had decided to take us because she was an incoming senior that year and she wanted to make sure we knew where our classes were, she manly wanted us to feel comfortable and at home. but how do you feel comfortable knowing you’re just a new tiny fish in a gigantic sea. As Darrian opened the door for us she began to start showing us around the school, after she had showed us everything, she told us “you all are on your own now, good luck.” As soon as I saw her walking away I suddenly started to panic but I managed to keep my cool. I took a deep breath and started to stroll the hallways of John B. Alexander High school trying not to get run over by a stampede of students trying to get to class as well. Most of them were running around like crazy people, inches away from pushing me. I felt so alone, almost like a stray kitten lost in the streets of a big city. All I wanted to do was get out of there, but I knew I couldn’t do that.
I walked into my
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